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free ebook: hypnotherapy accreditation

'How to become a hypnotherapist'
A guide for those considering training

A (mostly) non-partisan guide to hypnotherapy training in the UK, to clear up the confusion of  

  • all those competing accreditations
  • why all the awards and qualifications have different names
  • exactly what you should be looking for in a course 
  • and more

By non-partisan, we mean it's not a hard sell for our specific course. The aim is to help you choose the right course for you, whether that's with us or someone else. 



free EBOOK: STUDY SKILLS'Study skills for hypnotherapy students'
How to make the best of your course, and have a life too!

Most hypnotherapy students - whether they study with us or elsewhere - have busy lives; they have to fit their studies around family, work or other commitments. Some haven't studied for some years and worry about being out of the habit.

This little ebook will give you 7 essential tips for tackling homework, making the best use of your time and keeping a good life/work balance.



free ebook: working with parts

 'The 6 step parts reframe'
A 'how-to' guide for therapists

The six-step re-frame is a simple and elegant 'parts' technique which enables you to 

  • negotiate directly with your client's unconscious mind 
  • find the motivations behind their feelings and behaviour
  • identify replacement activities and solutions that are perfect for them as individuals

This step-by-step guide includes flow charts, suggested wording for each step, and troubleshooting so you can use the technique easily and confidently. (Suitable for therapists of all kinds.)

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For students and therapists

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