Hypnotherapy training taster days (now online)

hypnotherapy training taster days


We offer introductory 'taster days' designed to give you some information about hypnosis and a taste of what our training is like. Although face to face training is suspended at present, Taster Days are now available online, via Zoom. Please contact us if you have questions.

 You don't have to come on a taster day before you enrol for one of our longer hypnotherapy courses but it's a brief, interesting and enjoyable way to find out more about what it's like to train as a hypnotherapist.


Come to a hypnotherapy training taster day if you:

Taster Days are the ideal opportunity to meet our tutor, and try out our training before deciding if hypnotherapy is the right career move for you. We don't include a hard sell. We think if our training is right for you, that's the decision you'll make. You don't need us pressuring you into it.

The content of these days is aimed at those seriously considering hypnotherapy training, so they are not suitable if you have more general questions, or if you are considering using hypnotherapy to resolve personal issues. We are happy to answer this type of query at other times - please contact us.



We're taking our taster days online. Pre-booking is essential. 

On the day of the Taster, we will meet via Zoom from 10 am to approximately 3.30 pm, with regular tea breaks and time for lunch. 


Taster Days cover:

Numbers are limited, we usually accept only four to six people on each date, and we charge a fee of £10. However, if you sign up for one of our longer courses afterwards, we'll deduct this amount from your course fees.

The day runs from 10 am, we finish around 3.30-4 pm depending on the number in the group and how many questions there are. Tea, coffee etc is provided and there are several places nearby where you can purchase lunch.

Please phone 01977 678593 or email us if you have any questions, or use the button below to reserve a place. Please book well in advance as places go quickly, especially for events near the deadlines. Payments are non-refundable, but if you find you are unable to attend, we will transfer your booking to another date.


Testimonials on tasters:

I thought the decision to have only small numbers in the group was a good one and that element of the longer course also appeals to me. Hearing from a past graduate was interesting too. JA

It was a wonderful session with a great bunch of participants and Debbie was an exceptional presenter, she kept the session very interesting with a couple of practical sessions to give us the taste of hypnosis. PT

The day was excellent. It was the perfect mix of practical activities, group discussion and directed teaching. We had a lovely group to work with and Debbie facilitated the group and needs of the group very well. I came away fully informed and excited about the course and hypnotherapy. KS

Thanks for such an informative and fascinating day! As a teacher, I attend many training courses but none have captivated my attention like this one. Such an interesting topic taught through practical methods: a real insight into how the mind, and hypnotherapy, work. FE.

I loved yesterday. I thought it was very well thought through and your passion for delivering quality and comprehensive training came through. CHD.


Book your taster day*:

On the day of the Taster, we will meet via Zoom from 10 am to approximately 3.30 pm, with regular tea breaks and time for lunch.

To book please send in the form with your choice of dates.




*Please note that: