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Everything you need to know if you are considering hypnotherapy training

Which level of training do you need?

What kind of hypnotherapy course are you looking for? What do you want to do with your skills when you finish the course? What is involved at each level? We're sure you have lots of questions, these and others, and want to help you answer them. Here's a brief guide to the courses we offer along with some suggestions about deciding which one is right for you.

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Hypnotherapy training entry requirements

Your personality, enthusiasm and life experience are the most valuable things you can bring to this course. We, therefore, have few formal entry requirements, and all are chosen to make sure you can get the best from your learning with us. Whether you want to undertake Practitioner level training or a Foundation level course, students from all backgrounds are welcome.

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Hypnotherapy training taster days

We offer one-day introductory courses or 'taster days'; these are designed to give you some knowledge of hypnosis and a taste of what our hypnotherapy training is like so you can decide if it's right for you. You don't have to come on a taster day before you enrol for one of our longer hypnotherapy courses but it's a brief, interesting and enjoyable way to find out more about what it's like to train as a hypnotherapist.

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Diploma in Hypnotherapy (practitioner level)

Hypnotherapy practitioner courses are held at Wakefield and York. This is our most popular course and our practitioner level students come from a variety of backgrounds. Some already practice as therapists and want to add hypnotherapy to their services. Others have been teachers, engineers, IT specialists, nurses, beauticians, clerical workers and a variety of other occupations. It doesn't matter because our course will teach you all you need to know to become a professional hypnotherapist. 

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Foundation level hypnotherapy training

Foundation Level hypnotherapy training is held in York and Wakefield. It is made up of 8 days of training and some independent study. It's a great way to learn about hypnotherapy if you don't want to commit to a longer course, or don't want to do so yet. It's also useful for personal development, or to learn real communication and people skills to use in your existing career.

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Hypnotherapy training dates and venues

Our hypnotherapy courses give you a choice of training during school hours, or at weekends. We also offer a choice of weekend venues - currently Wakefield and York - to make training as convenient for you as possible. Both cities are easily accessible from a wide area by road, and there are good rail and bus networks for those travelling on public transport.

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YHT Accreditation

The YHT hypnotherapy practitioners' course is recognised and externally accredited by a number of professional organisations. If you are comparing courses and find yourself a bit confused about all the different accreditations and qualifications, we have a free ebook explaining it all here. To find out about those bodies which accredit our course, read on.

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Course text books

Our recommended texts are chosen to be approachable but thorough, and we've aimed to balance getting the best information with the need for a reasonable cost. There are Amazon links to make finding the books as easy for you as possible, and we have a small number of second-hand books for sale. Please see here for an up to date list. 

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Enrol now for hypnotherapy training

We accept enrolments at all times of the year. Please check the exact dates, venues and enrolment deadlines for specific classes here. Do not send any money with your enrolment form; you pay nothing until you are offered a place.

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For students and therapists

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