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What is hypnotherapy and why would you want to train in it?

What is hypnotherapy?

You may be seeking a more satisfying and fulfilling career, wanting to control your working hours or to have a practical and transportable skill to help you become self-employed.
Or perhaps others already confide their problems to you and you want to know how to help them?
You may even be a therapist already, and want to add to the range of skills you can offer your clients.
So why should you choose hypnotherapy to help you achieve all this?

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Careers Advice

What is a hypnotherapist? Quite simply, someone who is trained to combine hypnosis and therapy to help those with personal problems. If you choose hypnotherapy as a career you'll be helping people with issues such as panic attacks, stress, phobias, weight problems and unwanted habits such as nail biting or smoking.

Hypnotherapists are not doctors or psychologists and do not work with serious mental illness.

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Free hypnotherapy

Our students need to complete case studies as part of their assessment and throughout the course, they need to practice their developing skills. Many are in need of volunteers to work with - if you would like to take part, please contact the school.

Can you become a volunteer?

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For students and therapists

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