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Foundation level

Foundation level hypnotherapy training

Foundation level hypnotherapy training


Foundation Level hypnotherapy training is a great way to learn about hypnotherapy if you don't want to commit to a longer course, or don't want to do so yet. 

It's also useful for personal development, or to learn real communication and people skills to use in your existing career. Foundation level training is held in York and Wakefield, and is made up of 8 days of training and some independent study. 

The Foundation course, although accredited in its own right, also forms the first four modules of Practitioner level training. You can study for one weekend per month for four months, or half a day per week (Mon-Fri) during term time. Find out more about these options here.

It can be used in a variety of ways...

    • As a standalone course, it is a comprehensive and enjoyable introduction to hypnosis and hypnotherapy for those who wish to develop their knowledge, but not to practice as hypnotherapists.
    • It gives you real skills which can be used within an established career in counselling, coaching, complementary therapies or the caring professions.
    • It provides a time- and cost-effective way to begin training; because Foundation and Practitioner level students study together, it is really easy to upgrade your Foundation level training with us if you choose to do so, even if you want to take a break first.

When you successfully complete the four Foundation modules, you will be awarded the YHT Certificate of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.

Download our syllabus for a full module by module details of the course contents but, briefly, you'll look at

    • The history of hypnosis
    • Understanding what hypnosis really is, and debunking the myths
    • Ethical issues in therapy practice
    • Recognising when it's not advisable to use hypnosis
    • The therapeutic relationship: communication and basic counselling skills
    • Suitable inductions for a variety of clients
    • Levels of trance, deepeners
    • Hypnotic tests and convincers
    • How to adapt and personalise your approach for each person you work with
    • How to plan a realistic and effective therapy programme
    • Using hypnotherapy with stress and motivation
    • Abreactions and secondary gain
    • Stress-related issues


Support during and after your study

We offer plenty of support during your course, and afterwards.

Time is set aside in every module for discussion of what you have learned so far, the practice you have been doing since the last class, and any other questions you might have.

You are free to phone or email your tutor for advice at any time between classes or to arrange a one to one tutorial. We have a closed LinkedIn group and quarterly peer support meetings which both students and graduates are welcome to join. Our Facebook page features articles, offers, courses and other items of interest to students, and is also useful for those promoting a practice.

Our support is ongoing after you finish your course. You can contact your tutor at any time in addition to any other supervision arrangements you might make and we offer an increasing variety of CPD opportunities.


Further information:


Accreditation - our Foundation course is accredited by the GHSC, the ICBCH and the ACCPH.


Prospectus - for printable/downloadable information about the foundation course






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