What personal qualities do I need to complete hypnotherapy training?

Your personality, enthusiasm and life experience are the most valuable things you can bring to this course. There are, therefore, not many formal entry requirements for our hypnotherapy training courses. And those we do have are chosen to make sure you can get the best from your learning with us. 

We have an active equalities policy and welcome applications from all sections of the community, for both Practitioner level training and Foundation level courses. 

This is what we are looking for in our students:

  • A genuine interest in people, and a desire to help them,
  • The enthusiasm, motivation and time to attend, meet course deadlines, and complete assignments,
  • To be over 21 years old,
  • To be willing to work as a ‘client’ in class, so that other students can practice the techniques we are learning,
  • To have a reasonable standard of spoken and written English. We are currently unable to offer or mark the course in other languages.

What practical things will I need to complete hypnotherapy training?

  • Some volunteers to practice your new skills on. If you think this element may be a problem for you, don’t panic. We can sometimes help you find suitable people, and you can practice with other students between classes. Ask us for more information, or just send your friends and family to read our ‘volunteer’s eye view’ of hypnotherapy training.
  • The ability to produce and submit typed/printed essays and case studies. (Or a really good friend who can type them up for you!)
  • The ability to send and receive emails, as we tend to communicate this way between classes
  • If you want to practice outside the UK after graduation, you need to check before enrolling that our course will enable you to do so. Regulations vary and we cannot be familiar with them all, though we are happy to help with some research.

You do not need any specific formal qualifications. And it is not necessary to have any previous experience with hypnosis, hypnotherapy or any other complementary therapies. The course will teach you all you need to know.

When we receive your application form, we will arrange an informal chat on the phone or by Zoom. This will make sure all your questions about the course are answered, and ensure you’re a good fit for the class.

When you are ready to enrol, please complete our online form HERE.

If you are not yet sure, try a taster course. They are 100% online so you can access them in your own time.