hypnotherapy training accreditation

Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Training Accreditation: our Practitioner courses are recognised by a number of professional organisations in the UK and elsewhere. Please note that, if you live outside the UK, it is your responsibility to ensure that our course will qualify you to work professionally since regulations vary. We’re happy toRead More →

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What personal qualities do I need to complete hypnotherapy training? Your personality, enthusiasm and life experience are the most valuable things you can bring to this course. There are, therefore, not many formal entry requirements for our hypnotherapy training courses. And those we do have are chosen to make sure youRead More →

which of our hypnotherapy courses is right for you?

Which level of hypnotherapy training is right for you? What kind of hypnotherapy courses are you looking for? How do you plan to use your skills when you finish the course? What is involved at each level?   We’re sure you have lots of questions, these and others, and want toRead More →

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If you sign up with us, your hypnotherapy trainer will be Debbie Waller, a respected author and speaker as well as a therapist and tutor. Debbie is also the Founder and Principal of Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Training. At YHT, we choose not to have dozens of classes, venues, or tutors, becauseRead More →

hypnotherapy training fees

On this page, you can find out about YHT’s hypnotherapy training fees, our venues, and the dates on which our courses run. If you have any questions about this, or need to check specific dates in advance, please see our Contact Page where you can email, give us a ring,Read More →

hypnotherapy books

Our recommended hypnotherapy books are chosen to be approachable but thorough, and we’ve aimed to balance getting the best information with the need for a reasonable cost.  There are links to make finding the books as easy for you as possible, and sometimes we have a small number of second-hand booksRead More →

free hypnotherapy training taster courses

A free hypnotherapy training taster course is a brief, interesting and enjoyable way to find out more about how to become a hypnotherapist. Here’s a quick introduction from our Head Tutor Debbie Waller and, if you prefer reading or listening over watching, you can download a written or audio transcriptRead More →

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Ready to take your career in a new direction? YHT’s Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma provides the knowledge and skills you need to help clients achieve lasting change and start a new, amazing career as a professional hypnotherapist. Online training consists of one full day followed by thirty-eight half-days. Midweek hypnotherapy classesRead More →

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Are you ready to make a positive impact on people’s lives? The Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Training Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma will give you all you need to start a new, amazing career as a professional hypnotherapist. Our weekend hypnotherapy classes start in September. Enrolments should be with us as early as possibleRead More →

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These are the most frequently asked questions we receive about hypnotherapy training. You may have questions about hypnotherapy training not answered here. We are happy to chat on the phone, by email or to arrange a Zoom call. Just get in touch.Read More →