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Are you ready to make a positive impact on people’s lives? The Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Training Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma will give

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Online Hypnotherapy Training

Ready to take your career in a new direction? YHT’s Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma provides the knowledge and skills you

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Friendly, Professional & Practical

Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Training offers a practical, effective and flexible approach to therapy backed by a sound knowledge

Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training

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Free Hypnotherapy Training Taster

A free hypnotherapy training taster course is a brief, interesting and enjoyable way to find out more about how to become a hypnotherapist.

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YHT’s Expert Hypnotherapy Trainer

If you sign up with us, your hypnotherapy trainer will be Debbie Waller, a respected author and speaker as well as a therapist and tutor.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are the most frequently asked questions we receive about hypnotherapy training. You may have questions about hypnotherapy training not answered here. We are happy to chat

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Hypnotherapy Training Fees, Dates & Venues

On this page, you can find out about YHT’s hypnotherapy training fees, our venues, and the dates on which our courses run.

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Hypnotherapy Courses

Which level of hypnotherapy training is right for you? What kind of hypnotherapy courses are you looking for?

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Hypnotherapy Training Accreditation

Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Training Accreditation: our Practitioner courses are recognised by a number of professional organisations in the UK

Our latest reviews

As a therapist I contacted Debbie regarding training specifically for insomnia and sleep issues generally for my clients initially as recently I had enquiries just for better sleep. Debbie sent me a link to her freeby online course via her website. I completed the course and was certificated with really helpful feedback. The course was to the point with the basics with lots of golden nuggets here and there for additional classified learning. Debbie’s feedback was spot on; and synchronised with my own thoughts snd feelings. In recent years I had become less satisfied with my own sleep quality. Her empathic attuned skilful tutorial feedback made me feel really understood despite we only spoke once when I enquired albeit I felt a connection. I can only report as I experienced. My sleep has improved remarkably since completing the course. I am amazed and so grateful. I have noticed already the ripple effect from better sleep snd I look forward to putting this into practise professionally as well as already personally. As a weathered experienced multi-modalities therapist I can work with client sleep issues with much more clarity, confidence and integrity and client safety having put the course in to practice for myself and it worked!!! I would absolutely recommend anyone who is not satisfied with their sleep for whatever reason to do this course and be curious about other learnings with Debbie. Thanks again Debbie for your dedication, generosity and kind understanding. 🙂👍🙏
Margaret “Maggie” Bell
Margaret “Maggie” Bell
I highly recommend training to become a qualified hypnotherapist with Debbie Waller at Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Training. Debbie's training methods are highly informative, I felt fully supported every step of the way through my journey to becoming qualified. Debbie always does her best to support her students, and she knows what she talking about, she is very knowledgeable! I have enjoyed the last year and look forward to practising professionally, knowing that Debbie will support me in my ventures, Debbie is a very kind and approachable tutor. Thank you for sharing your knowledge Debbie.
Leanne Hunter
Leanne Hunter
Highly recommend Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Training. From my initial enquiry to the final day, Debbie has been enthusiastic, engaging and encouraging. The training is extremely well organised with helpful handouts and access to resources online. I knew very little about hypnotherapy when I started but thanks to Debbie's extensive knowledge, I learnt lots very quickly. Debbie is available between sessions with advice and guidance.
Abigail Homer
Abigail Homer
I took suicide awareness training here it was really informative.
Amanda Joy Therapist
Amanda Joy Therapist
I trained with YHT and Debbie the Lead Trainer a decade ago and am so glad I chose them. The quality and expertise is five star plus and you graduate really feeling ready and skilled to see clients and help them on their journeys. There is a great support and help post graduating too which is invaluable especially in the early years. Could not recommend more!!
Helen Priestley
Helen Priestley
Having met many hypnotherapists that have trained with other training organisations, I quickly learnt that the training I had received from YHT was exemplary, with a wider and more in-depth syllabus. Over the years the continuous support and CPD has been invaluable, I cannot rate YHT high enough and would encourage anyone who is interested in learning hypnotherapy to not hesitate to sign up to this marvellous training facility.
kim rowan
kim rowan
If you are thinking of doing your hypnotherapy training, I highly recommend Debbie Waller's course. She is an amazing teacher & hypnotherapist and you won't be disappointed. I loved the course & have learnt so much from her courses. I'm also completing a number of her CPD courses too.
Antonia H
Antonia H

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